Haisen IP65 Microwave & Daylight Sensor Remote Control

Stock Code: HB-S-IP65-H-R

S Code: S16358

  • ON/OFF: Press the “ON/OFF” button, the light keeps permanently on or off.* Press “Auto Mode” , “RESET” or “Scene mode” buttons to quit from this mode.
  • Detection area: Press the button “detection range” to set detection range as 100% / 75% / 50% / 10%.
  • Hold-time: Press the button “hold-time” to set hold-time as 5s / 30s / 1min / 3min / 5min / 10min /20min / 30min .
  • Stand-by dimming level: Press the button “stand-by dimming level” to set the stand-by dimming level as 10% / 20% / 30%/ 50%.
  • Stand-by period: Press the button “stand-by period” to set stand-by period as 0s / 10s / 30s / 1min / 5min/ 10min / 30min / +􀂝. Note: “0s” means no standby period; “+􀂝” means unlimited standby period.
  • Daylight threshold: Press the button “daylight sensor” to set daylight threshold as 2Lux / 10Lux / 30Lux / 50Lux/ 80Lux/ 120Lux/ disable. Note: Disable means light will be turned on once sensor detects movement, regardless of the ambient lux.
  • Auto-mode: Press “Auto Mode” button, the sensor starts to work and all settings remain the same before the light gets switched on/off.
  • Reset: Press “RESET” button, products with DIP switch will be controlled by DIP switches; otherwise all the setting will be just initial, that is 100% detection range, hold time 5S, no stand-by time and daylight threshold disabled.

  • The button “Test (2s)” is for testing purpose after commissioning. Pressing this button, the sensor goes to test mode(hold time is only 2s) automatically, stand-by period and daylight sensor are disabled. This mode can be ended by pressing "reset", “Auto mode”, "scene mode" or "hold time". The sensor setting is changed accordingly.

Attention: - 1. When using ON/OFF button, the rest setting bottons don't work. - 2. Press "Auto Mode", "scene mode" or "Reset" buttons before setting functions Detection Range, Hold time, Daylight sensor, Standby period and Standby dimming level. - 3. Press "Scence Mode" and choose one from the existing four scenes. - 4. When using the remote control, light flickers to show instruction received. - 5. Every change will be automatically saved.

Sensor installation method: - The distance between the inductor and the sensor is 4m wide; Recommended installation of sensor suction ceiling height 3-6m; Wall mounting height suggested 1-1.8m; - The remote controls the most remote distance 15 meters (in different places remote control distance will have the deviation) Weight (including battery): 56.5g

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